Running goals for 2013

Primary goal: get back to running consistently again and build back weekly mileage.

Race goals: I am registered for 2 races and plan to register for at least 1 more,

  1. BAA 5K in April
  2. Newton 10K in June
  3. Will register for BAA Half marathon in October. This one sells out fast, so hopefully I can register before it fills up
  4. (Stretch goal) KC Marathon; that happens to be a week after the BAA Half

Race time goals: Ideally, time and other life commitments permitting, I can train well enough to run around 7:15 min/mile pace for the 5K and 10K. For the half, I would like to fall somewhere close to 1hr 40min total time, but we shall see. Based on lack of training, I am not sure where I will end up with these goals. But I am hoping to be somewhere in the range because this is first year when I am primarily focussed on speed work over endurance.

KC marathon goal is really for me to be able to get back to running marathons again.  If I can maintain decent training through Summer, I will run the KC marathon as a fun race and still do the BAA half marathon as the primary race for Fall.