Wishlist for next Pebble

About 2 weeks ago I finally got my Pebble watch. I was very eager to get it; however, as I started setting it up, I noticed there was something lacking in the overall experience that made it feel antiquated. It reminded me of the calculator watches from the late 70s. Don’t get me wrong, Pebble is a great first version of a vision, but its kickstarter budget and lack of integration leverage (with iOS) is obvious.

In an ideal world, a Pebble with following features would be really awesome,

  • Retina + Touch screen
  • Better UI – Navigating through various menu screens was difficult and took a bit to get used to with so many buttons on the watch. This is probably one of the reasons where 4 buttons with a small display gave it a feel of calculator watch
  • GPS
  • WiFi, LTE and possibly carrier integration. This would be a killer feature. As much as we love our smartphones, I feel they are too clunky to carry during a run/workout. Imagine going for a run without having to carry your phone and still seeing an important notification/text buzz on your wrist

I understand that the above list is not easy and would require a lot more effort and resources (funding and partnerships), but I hope Pebble is iterating and will continue to innovate or for that matter even get acquired by someone that can empower it to possibly do the above faster. I have no clue what and if Apple is cooking up for an iWatch – but I wouldn’t be surprised if it has some flavor of the above. But I digress, iWatch is just a figment of imagination for now..

I tweeted that may be I should sell my pebble watch, but I still have it and will probably keep it, because I admire the effort and realize that innovation can’t happen overnight.

Update: It occurred to me this morning that my wish list is for the scenario when I go for a run and would mostly use such a watch. Hence I felt the lack of GPS. It also is probably a totally different context (device) where the watch could takeover the function of a primary device i.e. receive messages that are usually received on a phone.