Facebook Home

Facebook announced a brand new experience for Android users today. It is called Facebook Home.

I am not an Android user or developer, and mostly a passive Facebook user, but wanted to share some thoughts. There are valid concerns about users’ privacy and ads on home screen, but I am more excited about the general approach and concepts here.

Core theme around FB Home is seamless integration across messaging, photos, etc. This feels like the inception of next generation of communication – app-to-app as well as user-to-user – in the App world. From what I’ve understood about FB Home so far, it seems that there’s no reason for it to be just FB specific. What I mean is – it’s an advanced workflow that is integrated across contacts, photos, messages, news and so on, i.e., content that we tend to consume frequently. Imagine iOS and Android doing this at the core OS level and allowing to even include content from different social platforms (twitter, pinterest, etc) as well as from non-social apps. It makes the need for cross-linking between apps so much more prominent and obvious.

It would be great if iOS 7 shipped with such integration features/API. Not specifically an implementation at launcher or home screen level, but in terms of API available to developers, so that they could build integrated experiences.

Thanks to Facebook for leading us into this – it will only challenge and advance other apps, services and platforms to deliver similarly seamless experiences.

Looking forward to the next generation of cross-linked and integrated apps!