The Pixar Story

Finally got to watch The Pixar Story. Such a great story of success. Some highlights,

  1. Creativity is a result of collaboration. More importantly it is this unplanned collaboration that happens when everyone is together physically. This made me wonder about working remote vs working in the office.
  2. Second Product Syndrome (Steve Jobs): companies do not realize what made their first product (launch) so successful. They go bigger and grandiose without any clue to what made it work the first time.
  3. It’s not about the ideas, but collaboration on the idea by creative people. People make it successful!
  4. Let the originality of an idea thrive and blossom – Disney gave Pixar a lot of direction for Toy Story resulting in a mediocre initial script for the film. It was only after the original team re-grouped, threw away all the assumptions and just went with their instinct, seed of the original idea that resulted in what we all know as the Toy Story movie.
  5. It is really important to not get over-confident or stagnate due to success. What got you to point A of success, won’t get you to the next level. The recipe for success does not remain constant, but constantly evolves with times. Shake things up and get out of the comfort zone!